It's more accurate when your employees punch keys instead of a clock


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Using Time and Attendance services from TimePlus® makes payroll easier on you because you no longer have to gather your clients' employees' information, compute the total number of hours and re-key all the data. All that is done automatically and accurately.

Even the most honorable employees can make mistakes with a timeclock or write-in timecard. Web Based Time and Attendance virtually eliminates the chances of mistakes or even fraudulent time entries from making it to the payroll report. Time-theft is all too common and can result in thousands of dollars in lost profits, not to mention overtime, taxes, and benefits. Our Web Based Time and Attendance system can help keep your clients' employees honest while it offers convenient, inexpensive tracking of time.

The system gives employees a simple way to clock in and clock out while it gives you an accurate account of time worked. Plus, it allows you to view reports that can help you keep an eye on your staff's efficiency.
Web Based Time and Attendance Features:

Simple clock ins/outs

Records breaks and lunches

Enables tip recording and job tracking

Full integration with payroll system

Accurate overtime reporting for FLSA compliance

Protection of sensitive data

Employee generated reports

Easy to read time and job reports

Historical timekeeping information

Absentee and tardy reporting

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