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CheckConnect® is our proprietary software product for licensee's clients needing their payroll information at their fingertips. The product installs on your PC and connects you to your client's payroll data giving your client the ability to enter, retrieve, print, and/or e-mail virtually any payroll information. Additionally, with CheckConnect® you have access to hundreds of reports or the ability to create your own.

CheckConnect® Highlights

  • Enter hours, commissions, bonuses, employee changes
  • Change employee withholding information
  • Set up and/or change deductions or Direct Deposits
  • View vacation and sick time accruals
  • Print, save, e-mail and fax documents
  • Overtime set up by company and/or by employee
  • Automatic holiday pay capable
  • Time and pay tracking
  • Multiple locations and departments for each company
  • Track employee benefits and garnishments
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, and quarterly frequencies
  • Automatic deduction of time for unpaid lunch breaks
  • Paid/unpaid break and lunch determination
  • Shift set up with lead/lag time, differential pay, and automatic ins and outs
  • Variable pay by department
  • Numerous reports such as Payroll Register, Payroll Preview, departmental reports, tax liability, attendance, tardiness, daily time and pay reports, and report tools
Other Features

  • Tax Estimator -- gross-to-net or net-to-gross
  • Calculate and print manual checks
  • Operates on Novell or Windows NT/XP networks
  • Online help files and technical support
  • Fully integrated communications software
  • Send files via FTP
  • 128-bit encrypted security
  • Seamless integration with our electronic timekeeping equipment
You can also securely manage your payroll data from any computer, anywhere in the world with CheckConnect® Online.

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